Welcome to Feathered Hat Studios, the online home of multitasker Emily K

I’m not a salesperson. I prefer to just focus on creating great things and then letting my work speak for itself. So have a peruse, and if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

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– Projects –

Here are examples of some of the projects I am working on at any given time. See more here.

Goluboy Ikonostas

goluboy ikonostas

The Blue Iconostasis – LGBT-themed Russian icons created to combat the toxic environment for gays fostered by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Angels of the New Moon

angels of the new moon

My children’s book idea, retelling the legend of Rabbi Asenath Barzani – The earliest known woman rabbi in the Jewish faith.

Open Source & Public Domain

code snippets

Freebies! My small (but hopefully growing) contribution to the Open Source and Public Domain sector of the web.